Chinese Cuisine Development/ Catering Technique
Programs/ Taste Customization
Helped 10000+ Catering brands resolved signature dishes/tastes
technical issues, also providing OEM customization services.

Serving Catering Industry World-Wide
√  Our service aims to provide ONE sauce/taste pack for ONE dish
√  Assist in Technical Output √  Support in Menu Upgrades
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—— Catering shop, find kitchen boss no trouble——

—— Catering shop, find kitchen boss no trouble——

Serve the world catering people

Brand positioning: Based on the food quality reform of "sauce process", "standardized food delivery process" has gradually become the standard of large, small and medium-sized catering enterprises. Corporate vision: Chinese taste, the world. Committed to becoming a leader in catering technology, complete product series, production process standardization of catering project research and development pioneer brand.
Standard Chinese sauce / Industrial sauce bag customization
67 acres of garden factory, more than 30,000 square meters, equipped with GMP standardized production workshop, aiming to provide better services for small and medium-sized/large catering chains.
More than 50+ core R & D chefs, committed to chain food production standardized process, large-scale chain exclusive sauce research and development, taste customization, cooperative customers can enjoy free dish technology training.
Standard process training / Taste improvement
2,000 square meters of food and beverage project R & D center and customer service center, the newly established Guangdong food and beverage project R & D base in 2020, without joining, you can also have the production teaching and operation guidance and beverage flavors.
Catering shop support / Free in-store guidance
Corporate slogan: Chinese taste, go to the world/Corporate goal: to serve the world's catering people Company: Guangzhou Kitchen Dahao Food Technology Co., LTD Zip Code: 510000 Phone: +86 18169841944 / +86 13642428900 Email: Address: 3-4 Floor, Block b, No.68 Shisha Road, Shijing, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Factory: Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) Industrial Transfer Park, Yangxi County, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, China

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