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Display of catering project
Catering Project Display
Kitchen Master provides dish seasoning solutions for professional chain catering companies to achieve standardization of dish flavors. With the factory's strong production and R&D capabilities, Kitchen Master has always been favored by customers, among which products such as basil sauce, pickled pepper sauce, and double pepper sauce have won high praise from users.... Core featured projects: Pickled fish project/bullfrog project/grilled fish project/crayfish project/fried rice project/small noodles project /Spicy hot pot project/Spicy Skewer project/fish maw chicken project/small seafood project, etc.; Sign a sauce contract to get free operation guidance and dish process training. Click ☛ to get a cooperation plan.
Chufang Dalao special dishes display

Chufang Dalao special dishes display

Display of specialty dishes

Bullfrog dishes
Grilled fish
Crayfish dishes
Hot pot dishes
Grilled fish dish
Grilled fish tec
Skewer dishes
Paper parcel fish
Sauerkraut fish
Seafood dishes
Cold dishes
Fried food
Facet series
Fish Shop Series
String series
Instant noodles series
Spicy bullfrog
Pickled bullfrog with pepper
Signature Purple Perilla Bullfrog
Double Pepper Bullfrog
Spicy Bullfrog
Miao family sour soup bullfrog
Mushroom bullfrog in chicken sauce
Oyster sauce with black pepper
Garlic bullfrog
Fried fish with tomato and egg
Grilled fish with spicy tofu
New product conference
New product conference
New product conference
Grilled fish with spicy blood
Fish Shanglong brand support
Grilled fish with bean curd and rattan pepper
Fried fish with garlic eggs
Pickled crayfish
Boiled crayfish
Boiled crayfish
Garlic crawfish
Spicy crayfish
Spiced crayfish
Boiled crayfish
Spicy crayfish
Garlic crawfish
Mandarin duck pot bottom example
Exquisite bamboo sheng
Fine squid whiskers
Sauerkraut fish sauce in red soup
New product conference
Australia imports fat cattle
Premium King crab fillet
Fine kidney
Boutique cuttlefish baby
Copyright Statement: All dishes in this column are produced by the Honorary Chef Service Department of the Kitchen Master, and were captured on-site by the Kitchen Master Brand Center. If you need to reprint, please contact the kitchen expert brand service center or contact your consultant to obtain commercial and dissemination authorization. Otherwise, infringement will be prosecuted.
Catering project support plan v2.0.6

Catering project support plan v2.0.6

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Brand positioning: Based on the quality reform of "sauce technology" in catering, "standardized meal delivery process" has gradually become a standard configuration for large, medium, and small catering enterprises. Corporate vision: Chinese flavor, going global. Dedicated to becoming a leading brand in the research and development of catering projects, with a complete range of products and standardized production processes.
Basic services
Value added services
Customized sauces allow you to enjoy related services at no additional cost
Fast success with reliable support, high-quality and powerful enterprises, worry free cooperation and entrepreneurship
One Sauce, One Dish: Based on the "sauce technology", the taste customization of dishes meets various needs of customers, including diversity, popularity, and convenient operation. Kitchen experts hold trial tasting meetings every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning for customer experience and dish upgrades.
The headquarters has its own training base and provides one-on-one teaching. Even beginners can master the skills and successfully open a store.
From sauces to ingredients, they are all sold directly by our company's factories and designated cooperative factories, with lower prices. Accurate logistics and delivery provide you with protection.
The kitchen experts have their own research and development team, analyze market demand, develop new products, and provide free updates and listings, allowing cooperative merchants to enjoy a good shade under the big tree.
Provide store image and brand design services, with the option to collaborate with the company's decoration engineering team. Simultaneously providing one-stop equipment configuration and maintenance services for worry free operation.
Provide promotional materials, including dish images, instructional videos, menu and poster designs, product packaging designs, etc., to assist in store promotion and publicity.
Kitchen experts will provide systematic and comprehensive operational guidance services based on the market situation and consumption level in your region.
The kitchen master's headquarters led the store master to personally guide and maintain the operation of the store. The headquarters operations supervisor goes deep into the front line of the store to assist in handling all matters before and after opening the store.
Catering project support plan

Catering project support plan

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