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Frog Boy charcoal bullfrog training class
Frog Xiaoxia is in line with the trend of domestic catering development, the development of a single category of fashion brand restaurant. Focusing on charcoal-roasted bullfrog pot, we have developed a variety of flavors of bullfrog food to create a fashionable dining environment. The main consumer group is locked for young fashion customers.
Wanzhou grilled fish technology class
Wanzhou grilled fish is a specialty of Chongqing. pickled, roasted, stew three cooking methods organic collection, nique formula with Chongqing hot pot to use essence of ingredients, modulated spicy, sauce, pickled pepper, more than 10 kinds of flavors, deeply loved by diners.
Pickled Chinese cabbage Fish Technical Class
Pickled Chinese cabbage Fish is cooked with grass carp as the main ingredient, together with pickles and other ingredients. It tastes hot and sour; Fish contains rich and high-quality protein, which can provide people with abundant nutrients such as protein and minerals; The lactic acid in pickled Chinese cabbage can promote the absorption of iron by the human body, and can also increase the appetite of people.
Simple pickled Chinese cabbage fish technical class
Pickled Chinese cabbage and Fish Simple Meal is defined as a fashion fast food in the form of product, and it is really "fast" - quick to order, serve and operate; Adapt to the current market development situation and create more innovative ways of eating - one or two people can also eat, captivating the hearts of foodies; Make popular items "not easy"!
Crispy Braised Chicken Technical Class
Crispy roasted chicken is a traditional specialty dish in Guangdong, belonging to Cantonese cuisine. Using chicken as the main ingredient, Chai Ji has a bright red skin, crispy skin, fresh meat, bone aroma, salty and fresh taste, bright red color, crispy skin and tender meat, and a delicious taste.
Barbecue Technology Class
Barbecue is a primitive human cooking method that uses fuel to heat and dry air, and places food in a location close to a heat source in the hot and dry air to heat the food. Due to the various ways of using fire, barbecue methods have gradually diversified, leading to the development of various cooking methods.
Chuan Chuan Xiang Technology Class
Chuanchuanxiang is actually another form of hot pot, similar to "Spicy Hot Pot", so people often call it "small hot pot". "Chuanchuanxiang" first appeared in Chengdu, Sichuan. Chuanchuanxiang made by different people are different. Therefore, Sichuan Chuanchuanxiang has a wide variety and different flavors.
Chongqing Small Noodle Technical Class
Seasoning is the soul of Chongqing noodles, and a bowl of noodles is all enhanced by seasoning. Mix the seasoning first, then add the cooked noodles. The spicy taste is harmonious and not stimulating, the noodles are smooth and powerful, the soup aroma is strong, and the taste is strong. Due to its unique taste, it is famous for its spiciness and has become well-known nationwide in recent years.
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6.Simple pickled cabbage and fish technology classConsultation number:656)

7.Simple meal boneless grilled fish rice technology class

8.Malatang technology class

9.Beer spicy roast duck technology classConsultation number:236)

10.Barbecue technology class‍‍‍

11.Oily prawns technology training class‍‍

12.Sichuan brine technology class

13.Sichuan pickled fish hot pot technology class

14.Pickled cabbage and fish technology classConsultation number:106)

15.Frog Boy braised bullfrog

16.Wanzhou grilled fish technology class

17.Xiangyang beef noodle technology class

18.Chongqing small face technology classConsultation number:26)

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