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Chinese Standard Sauce Sample Application Center

Chinese Standard Sauce Sample Application Center

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Do you need any help ?

Service process

Together with our customers, we have left a good reputation and far-reaching brand value for the market!
Communicate project requirements through WeChat or phone, making it convenient for kitchen experts to provide you with necessary solutions;
1. Communication needs
Make an appointment to attend a tasting session,Enjoy the service of a team of gold medal chefs, or apply for a trial sauce by mail
2. Appointment tasting
Negotiate based on the plan proposed by the project department, reach a consensus, and then sign the contract;
3. Signing contracts
Sauce development  Flavor customization Project consulting
Menu sample  Technical training  Resident supervisor
Store Operations  Brand incubation Catering franchise
Kitchen Boss core project
Survice Center
Providing services for newly opened stores and catering chains, with kitchen experts serving over 5000+customers annually;
4. Fulfilling Services
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