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Yangxi County Bureau of Justice, the General law Office to the kitchen big man factory to carry out

Issuing time:2020-06-08 10:23Author:Copy Editor 01Source:Kitchen Boss website

"In response to the national resumption of work and production, law popularization and enterprise care", Yangxi Bureau of Justice came to our factory on May 29, 2020 to guide the publicity activities of enterprises to resume work and production during the epidemic.


At the end of the two sessions of this year, the promotion of the rule of law in China's heat, on the basis of the continuous progress and improvement of various national laws, our company should seize the good business environment provided by the national and local governments, so that enterprises in daily production and management in the continuous improvement and health of the corporate system, improve the legal awareness of senior management and employees.


Our employees participated in this publicity activity with high enthusiasm. At the meeting, lawyer Liu Qiaoqun popularized company law and all kinds of legal knowledge and case analysis. The knowledge points explained were easy to understand and the legal rigor was interesting. The participants took notes carefully and discussed actively afterwards. The legal knowledge gained from this conference benefited a lot.


Guangzhou Kitchen Big Man Catering Management Service Co., LTD., in the course of continuous development of enterprises, all attach importance to the standardization of the rule of law of enterprises, since the qualification of "high-tech enterprises" was approved, and successfully landed on the "New third Board" after listing, Mr. Chen Zhiguang, chairman of the cooperative factory company, strictly manages the enterprise in accordance with the standard requirements of listed companies. With the strong assistance of the state, the Party and various government departments in Yangxi County, the company can continue to standardize management, the development scale is growing, and the legal awareness of employees is constantly strengthened and can be practically applied to management and work.



The meeting was attended by Xu Zhenmei, deputy director of the Justice Bureau of Yangxi County, the staff of the Justice Bureau, Mr. Chen Zhiguang, chairman of Guangdong Meiweiyuan Fragrance Co., LTD., and all management staff.

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