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The kitchen boss meets with you | the 17th China International Agricultural Products Fair

Issuing time:2019-11-22 15:00Author:Copywriting Editor 01Source:Kitchen expert


The 17th China International Agricultural Products Fair opened at the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center in Jiangxi Province from Monday to 18.


On the opening day, Ye Zhenqin, a member of the Provincial Standing Committee, accompanied by municipal leaders Sun Bo and Ding Xifeng, visited the participating enterprises in our city to understand the development of famous and excellent new agricultural products and agricultural enterprises in our city.


A total of 5 enterprises participated in the agricultural fair in Yangjiang City, among which Guangdong Meiweiyuan Spice Co., Ltd. participated in the agricultural fair as a representative of leading enterprises in Yangxi County.

This exhibition, "beauty source" fully demonstrated the strength of Yangxi condiment capital, but also felt the enthusiasm of the local people, the opening day of our booth was blocked, but also harvested a number of our products are very interested in the intention of customers.





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